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Pennsylvania LICA Scholarship Program

  • The Pennsylvania LICA Scholarship Program will award up to two (2) 1,000.00 scholarships in June of each year. (amount increased from $750 to $1,000 as of February 2020)
  • Applicants must be a spouse, son, daughter, stepchild, or grandchild of a contractor member.
  • The Scholarship Program is open to all students enrolled in a two (2) year, four (4) year college, graduate school or technical/trade school.
  • The student who has been accepted by one of these schools must maintain a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale or equivalent. Awards will be made only to students who have been accepted for admission in the fall of the same school year following the award. The award shall be made payable to the student.
  • Each Scholarship is awarded on a (1) year basis. Successful applicants may, however, apply in subsequent years. The award will be made by the Scholarship Committee and the Board of Directors on the overall representation made by the student in their application.
  • All applications must be received by MARCH 31ST (NEW DATE AS OF 2020) for the following school year.

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Previous Recipients
  • 2019 Jesse & Skylar Bauer
  • 2018 Kelsey Micsky & Sam Ferster
  • 2017 Rachel Micsky & Madison Jackson
  • 2016 James Cottrell & Nicholas Micsky
  • 2015 Sarah Micsky & John D. Caruso, III
  • 2014 Nicholas Micsky
  • 2013 Kyle LeBarron
  • 2012 No Winner
  • 2011 Devon Burnside
  • 2010 Donald Cottrell
  • 2009 Sarah Hays
  • 2008 No Winner
  • 2007 Alex Desko
  • 2006 Mindy McManamon & Emily Wolfe
  • 2005 Mandy McManamon

National LICA Scholarship Program

For full details about National LICA scholarships please visit the LICA website:

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